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We are a magazine featuring the latest trends in home decor, home remodeling, and interior design. Your home is where you spend the vast majority of your time, so it should really reflect your personality and your style. Our magazine features tons of inspiration for every type of home owner, from the elegant and traditional to quirky and fun, and everything in between. We report on the latest news and trends in the home decor industry, and we love sharing our favorite styles with you.

Our offices are based in St. Louis, but we feature decor trends from around the United States and the world. We want to present a very accessible approach to home decor and share ideas that anyone can execute in their space with some creativity and determination. We feature a variety of content in our magazine. We report on the latest news in the industry. We share the biggest trends in home decor. We give you tips and tricks to help you make your home more appealing. Finally, we profile homes that feature absolutely stunning decor, as well as the brands behind them.

We’re always looking for new homes and brands to feature in our magazine. To learn more on that, click up to our How to Be Featured page. If you are interested in writing or taking photos for us, please get in contact as well. We are also looking for freelance writers and photographers to contribute to our magazine.

To subscribe to our magazine, you can call our office or fill out the easy and convenient online form. With your subscription, you’ll get access to online content earlier, as well as bonus content such as photo galleries and videos. You’ll also get our quarterly print magazine.