Everyone wants their bathroom to feel like an at-home spa, but it can be tricky to achieve this vibe on your own. The best way to make your bathroom feel luxurious and relaxing is to add little touches that make the space more comfortable – without taking up too much space or making it feel cramped. Here are some of the best things to add during your bathroom remodeling project to make it feel more spa-like. All photos in this gallery are from our local interior designers in St. Louis.

Add a bathtub tray and cupholder.

There’s nothing that feels more luxurious than sitting in the bath with a book, a glass of wine, and maybe a few snacks. Make this vision come to life by installing a tray in your bathtub, complete with a convenient cupholder. There are many different ways you could do this, depending on the shape and size of your tub, but the most efficient is to have the tray attached to something else and then swing out over your tub.

Install a towel warmer.

There’s nothing like coming out of the bath and having a warm, fluffy towel waiting there for you. You can make this happen at home by installing a towel warmer in one of your cabinets. This is actually fairly simple to do with the help of an interior designer, and many companies are now making products specifically designed to do this. With this addition, you’ll be able to pop a towel into the warmer on a cold winter night and pull out something warm and soothing right after you get out of the shower.

Build a steam room.

If you have extra space in your bathroom, you can add the ultimate luxurious touch by building a steam room. A steam room doesn’t need to be particularly large to be effective – even something the size of a shower stall will work. Steam rooms are ideal for sweating out toxins and relaxing your muscles after a long workout. Although this addition will be pricey, it adds tons of value to your home.

Make your sink feel extravagant.

When you think of luxury bathrooms, you probably picture something with lots of gold and marble. Take a look at what this design build contractor did for their pictures of bathroom remodeling before and after in St. Louis. You can easily achieve this look without spending a lot of money. Brass gives a similar effect to gold, but isn’t nearly as expensive. Use brass fixtures to add that little hint of luxury, and then add yellow and gold decor elements to the bathroom to emphasize it. There are also many materials that mimic the look of marble that you can use for your sink. For example quartz and engineered stone can both be made to look very similar to marble, but don’t have the huge price tag. They’re also easier to maintain than marble.

Add a historical influence.

Pieces that take their cues from old world Europe, Asia, or the Middle East look almost royal, and many people wouldn’t think to put this style of decor in their bathroom. However, this is actually the perfect way to make your bathroom feel richer and more luxurious. Adding a mirror, vanity, or piece of wall art with ornate details like this makes your bathroom feel elegant and palatial, and creates a sense of wonder in a room that often gets looked over.

Make your tiles unique.

You’ll likely use tiles for something in your bathroom remodel, whether it’s the floor, a backsplash, or the shower. Instead of going for the same tiles everyone else has, make your bathroom feel more stylish and more elegant by opting for tiles that are a little bit different. You can now find tiles in different colors, shapes, and even patterns to incorporate into your home. As a plus, you can even complete many retiling projects on your own with a little DIY ingenuity.